Working Scientifically

Science Investigation; what will happen when we add a cotton wool ball to a full cup of water?  

We are developing our Working Scientifically skills in Class 4.  Our focus in this simple investigation was to predict, observe, describe and explain.   Children were given cotton wool balls, small beakers full of water, coloured post-it notes and planning sheets.   Together, we identified our key questions: what would we do, what would happen and why.  

We identified the possible variables and recorded these on post-it notes.  We agreed on the best way to add the cotton wool ball to the beaker, Children discussed and recorded their predictions before embarking on their investigation. 

Children were then given more cotton balls.  They were asked to predict, using their observations from the first cotton ball, how many more cotton wool balls might fit into the glass.  They added their new predictions to their plan, agreed that the variables would remain the same and began investigating.    

We managed to fit 4 cotton wool balls into each tiny flask!   Using their understanding of the structure of the cotton woll ball, children were able to explain, in simple terms, how this was possible.  

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