Summer 2 RE- Bible Stories

The Bible

Children will discover a new side to this fascinating book as they discover a brief history of the Bible and its origins as well as investigating the diverse contents and features. They will also become more familiar with the layout of the Bible as they delve into different translations of Bible passages that will teach them how the Bible leads Christians in their daily lives.

The children are curious
I wonder why...
I wonder how...
I wonder who...
I wonder what...
I wonder when...

Children asked many questions related to the Bible and over the next few weeks, we will try to find the answers. 

We know that the Christian Bible is the best-selling book of all time.
We  know that the material in the Bible predates the written text.
We know how to differentiate dates before and after Jesus.
We know that the Bible is a collection of writings from many different times. 

We went on to think about how the Bible stories were collected and may have been changed-lost in translation- as they were passed down over the years.  
The children worked in pairs to 'crack the code'.



The Story of Adam and Eve

What does ‘truth’ mean?

How might they have felt when…?
Have you ever experienced the emotions of Adam and Eve?  
Some children were willing to share times when they have experienced conflicting emotions when trying to make the right choice. 

Children created some abstract pieces of art to demonstrate the message from the story of 'Adam and Eve'.

Can you match some of these descriptions to the images?

1. The bright, colourful part is where Adam and Eve were and recognises how bright their world was.  However, the dark colours on the outside show what life is like outside the Garden of Eden where the days are not always bright:  it rains, it thunders and finding food and other life is difficult.  The symbol at the top shows the tree which recognises that Eve and Adam made an unwise choice.  The message I am trying to get across is 'Think before you do'. 

2. My design shows that even though Adam and Eve went against God's word, they still held onto each other and their relationship.  The mixture of colours reflect all the different emotions that were going through their heads- conflicting emotions.  The green outline of the apple represents the 'right choice' and the black outline symbolises the 'bad choice'.  

3.  My design shows the snake trying to get into Eve's head.  In addition, the colours represent the range of conflicting emotions when faced with temptation.  I have also included the apples -which were not to be eaten- on the tree of knowledge.  However, the snake tricked Eve and unfortunately Adam and Eve made a decision which came with negative consequences.  
I have had times when I have experienced conflicting emotions; however I think I usually take the right path.     

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