Spring 2016

This term, children in class four will journey to the centre of the Earth in a geography unit exploring planet Earth; its structure, tectonic plates, volcanoes, earthquakes, rocks, fossils and soils.  This will be a cross curricular unit aimed at developing key skills in the following subjects: 


An exploration into the formation and location of some of the key volcanoes of the world; including the Pacific Ring of Fire.  We will investigate the impact volcanic eruptions and earthquakes have on human and ecological populations and find out how these destructive processes help to shape our planet. 


We will be stepping back in time to explore what life was like two and a half million years ago in Stone Age Britain.   Children will find out what life for people living in Stone Age Britain.


Using Stone Age burial chambers, monuments and artefacts as a stimulus, children will create their own Neolithic art using traditional painting and drawing techniques and materials.  In Design Technology, children will research, plan, design and decorate their own traditional Stone Age clay pots.


In English, our focus this term will be on writing non-fiction reports.  Children will use a range of sources to research, collate and produce their own non-chronological reports and explanation texts about volcanoes and earthquakes; where and how they are formed and their impact on our planet.  In addition to this, we will also explore performance poetry using Kit Wright’s famous poem, The Magic Box. 


This term, children will explore the ground beneath their feet to discover what lies beneath.  Through a series of practical investigations, we will explore, describe and compare the properties of different rock types and find out how fossils are formed in sedimentary rocks.  We will also learn about importance and properties of different soil types. 

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