Road's End

Class 6 have begun to write their 'twist in the tale' stories, based on the short animation 'Road's End'.  They began by writing an opening to hook their reader and introduce the character and then developed their description of the setting. They have worked hard to capture the mood and buid suspense.  here are some examples of our openings.


There he stood by the old, crashed car. Waiting.

The black wheels had made car tracks in the dusty sand.  Deadly cacti waved in the wind, trying to find a victim.  His bandana blew up covering his dimmed goggles.  As the half dead grass tried to stay alive a door fell from the car.  There the wasteland stood, the road ran blindly trying to escape the dusty, uneven valley.  The old rocks leaned over the desert, like a granny trying to walk, some of the rocks couldn’t hold themselves and fell.  The mysterious man heard the motor car coming around the road.

J Bell

The eerie man stood there stopping the tyre from spinning.  He stood there, waiting for his next victim.

The callous terrain swept for miles as if it was a mini tornado swirling in all directions.  The car was an antique from the 1870s.  The cryptic machinery squeezed out an appalling tune as it went on and on.  Cacti prickles popping off like a popcorn machine whilst the dead grass spotted the deserted desert.  Suddenly a car came around the corner.

A Royston

“Victims! Victims!” repeated the masked man.  He stopped the wheel spinning.

The risky rocks tumbled, killing grass although it was half dead anyway.  The vast desert seemed to spread and the dizzy tumbleweeds paused then bowed to the sinful man.  The lengthening, sombre shadow extended across the threatening desert.  Crawling up rocks the shadow slowly grew.  The menacing man then hears a car engine and thought to himself, “Victims!” then laughed.

S Heggie

The mysterious man stood by the haunting wreckage and stopped the creaky wheel spinning.

The man’s orange bandana swayed to the breeze of the desert.  His goggles misting up made it hard to see. His coat was dusty with neglect and covered with sand.  The sand was never ending and was a plain, dirty yellow covered in cacti.  The deadly cacti with its sword like spikes stuck out like a hedgehog’s back.  The narrowest road travelled blindly in search of a way out of the wasteland.  Suddenly, the man turned in sight of his next victim….

N Bewley

Firmly, a long foul figure stood in front of wreckage.  He gradually stretched hi short arm and laid his finger on the spinning wheel.

The wheel was attached to one car and the car was upside down still steaming like it was recent.  Next to the car was a cliff with a large gap in the fence.  Behind the road the desert had lots of cacti and tumbleweed.  The rocks were like an ancient city looking over the desert.  But then the man was disturbed by the sound of another car.

D Morrow

What a strange sight it was to see a man standing there.  Why was he there?  How did he get there?  Nobody knows.  Except one – but unfortunately they’re not here anymore.

He was waiting.  Waiting for something that he was sure would come.  He was standing next to a shattered car.  It was a familiar sight for him: the dry, rugged sand, the jagged boulders.  It was all familiar.  The wreckage next to him as the sun beamed down.  Piles of metal and glass stretched out over the once beautiful landscape.  A road that didn’t know where to go roamed blindly.  Rocks that extended over the landscape like someone had accidentally spilt them.  It was always silent but that was disturbed when the roar of an engine turned the corner.

A Faughey-Scraggs


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