Religious Education 2015-2016

Autumn Term 1

Class 2- Rules- How do we behave?
Class 3- Rules- The Ten Commandments
Class 4- How do we behave?  A new school year. 
Class 5- Morals and values
Class 6- Morals and values


Autumn Term 2

Class 2- Diwali       Birthday Celebrations- Gifts for Jesus
Class 3- Diwali       Giving and receiving at Christmas
Class 4- Around the world at Christmas
Class 5- Light as a symbol
Class 6- Christmas- Sacred or Secular? 

Spring Term 1

Class 2- Where do I belong?
Class 3- Which communities do I belong to?
Class 4- Who am I? What factors influence who I am?
Class 5- How do different religions show their sense of belonging?  
Class 6- We are all global citizens

Spring Term 2

Class 2- Easter- The symbol of the Easter Egg
Class 3- The story of Easter
Class 4- How does the Easter story make Christians feel hope?
Class 5- Symbols of Easter- Focus on the Paschal Candle
Class 6- Easter- Sacrifice 

Summer Term 1

Class 2- Our Wonderful World
Class 3- Our Wonderful World
Class 4- It's a wonderful world- How was it created and how do we show respect for natural beauty?
Class 5- A wonderful world through Buddhism- Making comparisons with Christianity
Class 6- How do people express their faith through the arts?  It's a wonderful world.

Summer Term 2

Class 2- Are some stories more important that others? Special Stories- All about me
Class 3 –Can stories change people? Special Stories
Class 4- Sacred Texts & Traditions- Can made-up stories tell the truth?
Class 5- Founders & Prophets, Sacred Texts & Community
Class 6- Can we know what God is like?  Traditions, Symbols & Sacred Texts

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