What do Christians believe about Easter?
What do I believe? What do I understand?  Do I have any questions? 

During the second half of the Spring Term we will be focusing on the Easter Story. 
We will think about the messages of the Easter Story for Christians and recognise what we can learn from the meaning of Easter.
How can we find hope in difficult times?  

Can we explain what the word ‘Easter’ means to us?

Can we recall the different symbols that are important during Easter?

Can we create a thoughtful Easter Garden using the symbols we have learnt about? 

Outcome of the unit-  Children created their very own Easter Gardens. 
I would like to say a huge thank you to all those at home who helped the children; provided resources and materials for them to complete their fantastic Easter Gardens.  

We were lucky that the weather was on our side so we created our fabulous Easter Gardens in Rockcliffe School's  'Prayer Garden'.  

Some of the children explained why they created their garden using particular materials.  
Here are some of their ideas- 

The cross represents the cross where Jesus was  crucified. 
The large rock symbolises the boulder which was used to close the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest. 
The chick is a symbol of new life- Jesus rose again on Easter Sunday.  

I like my Easter Garden because I used lots of different Spring flowers and it is very colourful.
In my garden, I have represented several symbols associated with Easter.
A candle shows Jesus as the Light of the World.
Chicks represent New Life at Easter time.
I have also shown the ‘empty tomb’ which was found on the day of Resurrection. 

I enjoyed creating my Easter Garden. 
I have used several symbols in my Easter Garden-
The cross symbolises when Jesus was    crucified on the cross.
The empty pot and large boulder symbolises that on Easter Sunday the large boulder was rolled away to show an empty tomb. 
The egg symbolises new life. 



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