RE- Why does Christmas matter to Christians?

Why does Christmas matter to Christians?
What does Christmas mean to me? 

To begin the unit, children created concept maps to show what they already knew about Christmas.  
They also shared their initial thoughts about what Christmas means to them.  

The children sorted 'Christmas' elements in a Venn Diagram. 
LO. To reflect on the significance of a range of objects associated with Christmas.
LO. To learn about some Christian symbols associated with Christmas

The children had thoughtful discussions to sort the images into their chosen categories.  There was difference of opinion with some of the images.  Some children added the presents to the 'Sacred' circle because they believe that Christians see Jesus as being a 'Gift from God'- The most precious gift of all.  

LO- Using symbols children will retell aspects of the Christmas story exploring its meaning for Christians
Children were asked to discussed the key signs and symbols that we associate with Christmas.  
What do they mean? What is their significance?

Class 4 children made some fantastic decorations incorporating the symbols and understood their significance for the Christian celebration of Christmas.  

The children recognised that:
The candle symbolises that Jesus is the 'Light of the world'
The wreath is a circle with no beginning and no end which symbolises God- Eternal
The dove symbolises the spirit of the Lord and peace in the world.
The star resognises that the wise men followed the star to Bethlehem
The candy cane symbolises the shepherd's crook. 
The angel recognises that the angel brought the good news of Jesus' birth.
The crown represents the wise men and Jesus as the King.  


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