Properties of soil!

In science, we have been discovering more about soil.  Our key questions included: What is soil?  How is it made? What it is made of?  What does it do?  How important is it?  

We looked at the physical processes involved in soil formation, the different types of soil and the importance of soil for agriculture, farming, forestry, building and development and ecology.  Children worked in small groups to complete a series of practical investigations and observations.  Each group was given a soil sample to explore. Children used hand lenses to observe the contents of the soil sample carefully and record their results.  To discover the prescence of water and air in each soil sample, we conducted two small investigations: a) children placed a small sample of soil onto a piece of blotting paper for a couple of minutes and recorded water absorption, b) children placed a small cup of soil carefully into a beaker of water and recorded air bubbles rising.   

Children used their results to create their very own soil cocktails and aperitifs; including all of the wonderful things they found in the soil – particles of rock of different sizes, water, air bubbles, creatures, seeds, roots and leaves.  

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