Geography From the Eden to the Nile

The River Eden- a local river that flows from Hellgill Force to the Solway Firth. 
We started with the locality, recognising how the River Eden is a useful resource for those in the nearby area. 
Now we move on to the River Nile, recognising how this water source was essential to the Ancient Egyptian Ciivilsation and how its importance in modern times.  
In this half term we will focus on:

Identifying and naming the Tropic of Cancer, the Tropic of Capricorn and the Equator
Recognising the different time zones across the globe 
Describing how some places are similar and dissimilar in relation to their human and physical features.
(Comparing Eden to Nile- tributaries, size of drainage basin, length etc)
Explaining why many cities are situated on or close to rivers.
Explaining why people are attracted to live by rivers.
Using maps, aerial photographs, plans and e-resources to describe what a locality might be like. (Link to past) 

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