Breaking News! Rockcliffe Skeleton Unearthed.

In Science this term, we have been learning about the skeletal and muscular systems of the human body.  We know that there are 206 bones and over 600 muscles in our bodies that support and protect us and help us move. At the end of our topic, children arrived in school to exciting news that a roman skeleton had just been discovered in a garden in Rockcliffe.  Local archeaologist, Ben Bones, announced the exciting discovery and recruited children in Class 4 to help him discover more about the mystery skeleton.  

Using their understanding of how our bones lengthen as we grow, children decided to investigate the age of the skeleton by measuring bone length and size.  Children worked in small teams to plan their investigation, selecting the equipment they would use to collect and record their results.  Over the course of an afternoon, children carefully measured the height and head circumference of a range of children from our Reception to Year 6 class.  Children's results were then compared with the bone measurements sent from the forensic lab by Ben Bones.  



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